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Would you buy a manual drill? Why pallet trucks are going electric

Would you buy a manual drill? Why pallet trucks are going electric

In today’s ‘always-on’ society there is much that we take for granted, and so much of our world these days relies on the power of next-generation battery technology. Advances in battery technology are the common denominator in everything from Apple iPhones that must stay connected, to Ryobi’s huge range of power equipment, through to Tesla’s electric vehicles bringing the promise of a return to pre-industrial emissions levels. The superior energy density of lithium-ion batteries allows great things to come in ever smaller packages – empowering change in almost every industry across the globe.

As with many technological revolutions, it is cutting-edge brands and products that shift public perception, allowing more humble devices to also undergo a disruptive overhaul in their wake. Just such an overhaul is now coming to the most faithful of materials handling equipment, the pallet truck.

Are you still using manual pallet trucks? It’s time to change!

With the Quiktruk E15, Simpro is proud to present the next generation of battery-powered pallet trucks to the New Zealand materials handling market. The new E15 has a lightweight 48V Li-ion battery, which delivers at least 6 hours of intensive operation and can be ‘switched-out’ for a charged battery in seconds by a single operator. This allows continuous use without periods of charging downtime, which has been a universal downside to battery pallet trucks heretofore.

In the same way that battery drills have completely eradicated the manual drills of days gone by, Simpro believes that the future of the pallet truck is an electric one – enabling faster movement of goods and less operator fatigue using the remarkable power of lithium-ion batteries.