Quikstak “smart-stacker”®

The original auto-levelling pallet stacker.

This product is discontinued. Simpro offers a wide range of similar walkie pallet stackers on the Simpro Shop, with with optional MAGIC-EYE height sensing. You can also contact us for custom requirements.


Quikstak “smart-stackers” are more than just another brand of pallet stacker – they are unique, efficient handling solutions. Besides being exceptionally easy to move and steer, Quikstaks offer features specifically designed to improve productivity, while reducing or eliminating the risk of operator injury.

When fitted with the MAGIC-EYE infrared height-sensing option, the Quikstak “smart-stacker” detects the height of the load, and automatically adjusts the fork height to ensure maximum efficiency and operator safety. This feature offers significant benefits wherever product is manually loaded onto, or taken off pallets.

Quikstak pallet stackers are available as either ‘manual walk-behind’ or ‘self-propelled walk-behind’ versions. Quikstaks are available in a range of lift heights and weight capacities, or can be custom built to non-standard lift heights if required. The load-height sensing feature of the Quikstak is unique and sets it apart from others in the international market.


Quikstak “smart-stacker” features

Options and Accessories

Specifications and Technical Data

Quikstak “smart-stacker” dimensions
Standard Heights
Fork Height ("FH")
Overall Height -
Forks Lowered ("MH")
Overall Height -
Forks Raised ("OH")
1010 1000kg 1000 1525 1970
1210 1000kg 1250 1775 2470
1510 1000kg 1500 2025 2025
1810 1000kg 1800 2325 2325
2010 1000kg 2000 2025 2525
2410 1000kg 2400 2425 2925
1015 1500kg 1000 1775 1970
1215 1500kg 1250 2025 2470
1515 1500kg 1500 2275 2970
1125 2500kg 1100 2175 2250
1225 2500kg 1200 2275 2450
Standard Widths and Lengths
Weight Capacity 1000/1500kg 2500kg
Outrigger length ("OL") 870 955
Standard fork length ("FL") 900 1070
Standard width inside forks ("FI") 510 460
Standard width over forks ("FO") 610 650
Width of outriggers at wheel ("WO") 60 122
Standard distance between outriggers ("OI") 1250 700
Minimum distance between outriggers ("OI") 700 700
Maximum distance between outriggers ("OI") 1500 1250

Resources and Downloads

Full full product support, user guides and spare parts please visit the Simpro Support Centre.