Crate Wizard

Semi-electric bread-crate stacker.

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The Simpro Crate Wizard is an innovative solution for handling plastic crates of the type often used in bakeries and food processing plants.

It features unique electrically-operated arms that grip the sides of the crates, and can be clamped or released at any height. This allows crates to be stacked, de-stacked, moved, stored or loaded onto trucks quickly, easily, and safely.

The Crate Wizard's reliable battery-hydraulic system does all the lifting, so one person can effortlessly handle stacks of crates weighing up to 250kg. This delivers large increases in productivity.

The Crate Wizard is easy to move and use, but very rugged and built to withstand years of rough handling. Like all Simpro products, it is designed to be maintenance-free and exceptionally reliable.


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Specifications and Technical Data

Crate Wizard isometric view and dimensions
Crate Wizard Specifications
Maximum load capacity ("Q") 250kg
No. wheels, body 2
Wheel dimensions, body 200mm
No. wheels, outriggers 2
Wheel dimensions, outriggers 75mm
Mast height ("h1") 2260mm
Maximum lift height ("h3") 1600mm
Overall length ("l1") 1250mm
Length to face of forks ("l2") 650mm
Overall width ("b1") 850mm
Fork length ("l") 1070mm
Fork width ("e") 100mm
Fork depth ("s") 35mm
Width overall forks ("b5") 770mm
Turning radius ("Wa") 1425mm
Travel speed Operator dependent
Lift speed, laden / unladen 0.08m/s / 0.1m/s
Lower speed, laden / unladen 0.15m/s / 0.12m/s
Service brake Mechanical
Battery voltage / nominal capacity 12v / 21A/h
Battery weight 6.2kg
Battery dimensions (L x W x H) 180mm x 75mm x 165mm
Service weight 150kg

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