Extended Warranty Registration

Register your machine for our 18-month Extended Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Machine Details

Enter the details of the machine which is to be covered by the Extended Manufacturer’s Warranty.

All fields are required. The name, model and serial number can normally be found on the machine’s rating plate.

Warranty Commencement Date

Enter the date on which possession of the machine was transferred to the End User (ie. the shipping date).

This information may be validated in the event of a Warranty Claim. Dates more than 12 months in the past cannot be selected because machines are not eligible for the extended warranty programme once the standard one-year warranty has lapsed.

End User Details

Enter contact details for the End User (ie. the entity which owns or operates the machine).

All fields are required.

Agent Details

Enter contact details for the Agent (ie. the authorised Simpro distributor which supplied the machine).

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Summary, Terms and Submission

From the information entered above we have identified that this machine currently has a 12-month Manufacturer’s Warranty with an expiration date of ----. Submission of this form will activate an 18-month Extended Manufacturer’s Warranty with an expiration date of ----. A confirmation email with the Certificate of Warranty will be sent to the email address entered above.

By submitting this form you:

  1. acknowledge Simpro’s Warranty Terms and Conditions; and
  2. authorise Simpro to store the submitted information, persuant to the terms of our Legal and Privacy Policies; and
  3. understand that the submission of incorrect or misleading information may void the Extended Manufacturer’s Warranty; and
  4. understand that irrespective of any such terms Simpro will honour our obligations under applicable consumer-rights and privacy legislation in the jurisdiction of the End User.