The tiny semi-electric lifter & stacker.

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The Microstacker is a tiny semi-electric lifter and stacker from Simpro, with modular lifting arms to suit a range of bins, capsules, crates and rolls


The Microstacker is a tiny semi-electric lifter and stacker from Simpro, with modular lifting arms to suit a range of bins, capsules, crates and rolls. It is ideal for logistics and manufacturing applications where objects weighing up to 150kg need to be moved, stacked, stored in racking or loaded into trucks.

Thanks to its triangular wheel layout, the Microstacker is easy to control on any surface and can turn in its own length, making it ideal for use in trucks and other constricted spaces. The stacker also features a unique single-mast design which gives the operator excellent visibility, and can lift to a maximum height of 2000mm.

As standard, the Microstacker is produced from mild steel with a powdercoated finish, but stainless steel construction is available for machines which are to be used in corrosive or hygiene-critical environments. All models have a reliable Simpro electro-hydraulic mechanism, a sealed gel battery and an integrated digital charger for hassle-free charging.

Like all Simpro products, the Microstacker is designed to withstand intensive daily use with little or no maintenance.

The Microstacker is designed to be used with other Simpro handling equipment in the FoodCap® Ecosystem.


Features of the Microstacker from Simpro

Options and Accessories

Simpro’s experienced engineering team can design and implement custom features if required; please contact us for support.

Specifications and Technical Data

Microstacker isometric view and dimensions

Microstacker Specifications
Model MS2000
Maximum load capacity ("Q") 150kg
Bin compatibility FoodCap capsules (options: other custom bins, crates)
No. wheels, body 2
Wheel dimensions, body 200mm
No. wheels, outriggers 2
Wheel dimensions, outriggers 200mm
Overall height ("h1") 2290mm
Overall height, mast raised with bin ("h2") 2810mm
Maximum lift height ("h3") 2000mm
Overall length ("l1") 1100mm
Length to face of forks ("l2") 650mm
Overall width ("b1") 628mm
Fork length ("l") 500mm
Fork width ("e") 15mm
Fork depth ("s") 50mm
Width overall forks ("b5") 490mm
Turning radius ("Wa") 1200m
Travel speed Operator dependent
Lift speed, laden / unladen 0.08m/s / 0.1m/s
Lower speed, laden / unladen 0.15m/s / 0.12m/s
Noise level at operator’s ear ⪅ 60dB(A)
Materials Mild steel with powdercoated finish (options: 304-grade stainless steel with polished finish)
Service brake Mechanical
Battery voltage / nominal capacity 12v / 21A/h
Battery weight 6.2kg
Battery dimensions (L x W x H) 180mm x 75mm x 165mm
Service weight ~150kg

Resources and Downloads

Full full product support, user guides and spare parts please visit the Simpro Support Centre.