What our customers say about our products.

Waste Management NZ

We’ve had Simpro machines, I think, since I started with Waste Management, 20 years ago. Once we started working with Simpro it was good, because they were willing enough to listen – the guys have always been friendly and helpful. They’re a good product, a good concept and reasonably bullet-proof.

Laurie Wiseman - Technical Manager - Waste Management NZ

Hibiscus Coast Zero Waste

Between manual lifting of the 240 litre bins and the poor condition of the access ramp it looked like we were no longer going to be able accept glass at our Whangaparaoa Community Recycling Centre.

With the solar-powered bin lifter work is so smooth and effortless the site workers look forward to emptying the wheelie bins filled with glass now.

Betsy Kettle - Member - Hibiscus Coast Zero Waste

One Tree Hill College

[The Multi-Tip] is the best thing I've made this school purchase, since I've been here... as far as compliance and relieving me of hard work, this is the best. Absolutely the best!

Graham Hawkes - Caretaker - One Tree Hill College

Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute

I would highly recommend the Simpro Dumpmaster. We have had our model on site for over 10 years fully exposed to the elements. It works first time, every time, with very little servicing required. Extremely reliable, robust, efficient, adaptable and simple to use, we couldn’t ask for better quality in machinery.

Dominic North - Manager - Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute

Morgan Sindall UK

A well-made, well-engineered solution to a potential significant manual handling issue on any building site. With the incorporation of the Dumpmaster within our waste management plan we have seen a definite improvement in site cleanliness with the benefit of not having to replace broken bins and double handling waste.

Matthew Bidewell - Project Manager - Morgan Sindall UK

Les Pettifer

Our 240 litre wheelie bins weigh 100 kgs and we empty about 30 bins per day using our solar-powered Dumpmaster. Our bin lifter is solar powered and has not needed to be charged for 18 months!

Les Pettifer - Farm Owner & Equestrian Trainer - Kumeu, Auckland

Stark Industries

While this may not be something we would produce here at Stark Industries, it is still a very cool product that we might have a use for. Keep up the great work Simpro and keep us informed of new products in the future.

Tony Stark - CEO and Founder/Emeritus President - Stark Industries

Labelmakers Group

We've had a Simpro Dumpmaster for nine years, it has been basically trouble-free for nine years with very little maintenance. We've got a semi-retired older person working it and the Dumpmaster's allowed us to keep him employed. It's a great machine, and I'm pleased to give you this feedback, because it's true!

Jody Cook - Technical and QA Manager - Labelmakers Group

Sancta Maria College

Fantastic. [The Ezi-MT] works really well, and it saves my shoulders, and saves my muscles!

Max Schroder - Caretaker - Sancta Maria College

Baler & Compactor Services Belfast

I'm a maintenance engineer, I service balers and compactors, bin lifts etc and have serviced quite a few pieces of Simpro kit, and always admired the quality, robustness and simple operation.

Fantastic piece of kit, Simpro are a quality item.

Stephen Holbrook - Baler & Compactor Services - Belfast, Northern Ireland

Clariant (New Zealand) Ltd

At Clariant NZ Ltd, a plastics master batch company in Albany, we have had a Hylifta Materials Handling Elevator installed by Simpro just over a year ago. From design phase to installation the process was made pretty simple by the guys at Simpro. Even a problem with the PLC in the first weeks of use was sorted out over the phone with a few photographs which I thought pretty professional.

The elevator has proved a huge asset to our process.

Matthew De Nobrega - Maintenance Engineer - Clariant (New Zealand) Ltd

Pak'n Save Albany

We would empty 10 to 15 bins a day... normally we would need to plug it in only if we have two or three cloudy or rainy days.

I would recommend the solar charging machine, especially if it’s in an outside and or sunny location.

Peter Pearson - Pak'n Save Albany - Auckland

Glendowie College

Looks good, runs well, easy to move around. Working with a college, students get to use it and they seem to like it. It's not so difficult to get them doing the rubbish duties!

EnviroWaste Auckland

We have had good service from Simpro staff in terms of turnaround and reliability.

Caffe L'affare - Wellington

Staff enjoy using [the Multi-Tip] because it is simple, safe and reliable.

Albany Junior High School

No sore backs, arms or legs!