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Where is the Quikstak S-Series made?

Where is the Quikstak S-Series made?

I like the look of the new Quikstak S-Series. But are they made in New Zealand like the old ones?

No, they aren’t. They are made in China.

Why is that?

We have manufactured Quikstak pallet stackers to the highest quality standards in NZ since 1994. In recent years, with new quality and safety standards emerging, it became clear it was time to overhaul the Quikstak design.

Of course, this process required some very large investments in R&D, product design, manufacturing technology and plant. We soon realised that our volumes were too small to justify these investments while continuing to manufacture in Auckland.

So we took the decision to have the Quikstak S-Series manufactured by our industrial partners in China.

Okay. What’s in it for me?

We have worked very hard to bring you the best of both worlds – Simpro quality, simplicity and innovation, as well as the cost-effectiveness offered by manufacturing in China. We have been able to lower prices significantly across the Quikstak range, while improving specifications and adding a lot of smart new technology – like a Kinetic Energy Recovery System to extend battery life.

We now manufacture the Quikstak in a fully ISO 9000-certified plant for the first time, and offer compliance with the latest ISO and British standards. Also, every S-Series machine is transited through our Auckland facility, where it is checked over by our experienced staff prior to on-shipping.

In short – although we have stopped manufacturing Quikstak in New Zealand after 22 years, the Quikstak® S-Series machines are the best pallet stackers Simpro has ever produced, and continue to represent our essential DNA of quality, simplicity and innovation.

Quikstak SP15 features diagram