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We got endorsed by Iron Man!

We got endorsed by Iron Man!

Yes, you read that right.

We introduced the super-heavy-duty Dumpmaster ‘Ironman Kit’ last week, and somehow, via Facebook, it came to the attention of Tony Stark himself. We received the following comment:

From the desk of Tony Stark:

While this may not be something we would produce here at Stark Industries, it is still a very cool product that we might have a use for. Keep up the great work Simpro and keep us informed of new products in the future.

Tony Stark - CEO and Founder/Emeritus President - Stark Industries

Click here to see for yourself.

Now, Iron Man may not be exactly real, but he definitely has good taste in heavy-duty machinery. And the Dumpmaster Ironman Kit is very real! Enquire with Simpro now.