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Typical Skip Bin Sizes

Typical Skip Bin Sizes

Many Simpro customers are unsure which type of bin tipper will work with their skip bin or dumpster. This table provides a handy guide to common bin dimensions, and which bin tippers are suitable for each size.

If in doubt, it is always best to use a tape measure to determine the height of your bin.

Typical Skip Bin Sizes - Metric (Australia, New Zealand, Europe)
Bin NameScaleCapacityLengthWidthHeightSuitable Bin Tipper (SKU)
2m Skip 2m Skip 2m3 1.8m 1.3m 0.9m EMT1500/MT1200/DM1200
3m Skip 3m Skip 3m3 3.5m 1.6m 0.6m EMT1500/MT1200/DM0700/DM1200
4.5m Skip 4.5m Skip 4.5m3 3.5m 1.6m 1m EMT1500/MT1200/DM1200
5m Skip 5m Skip 5m3 3.5m 1.6m 1.2m EMT1500/MT1200/MT1600/DM1200/DM1500
7.5m Skip 7.5m Skip 7.5m3 3.5m 1.6m 1.5m EMT1500/MT1200/MT1600/DM1500/DM1800
9m Skip 9m Skip 9m3 3.5m 1.6m 1.8m DM1800/DM2100
10m Skip 10m Skip 10m3 4.4m 2.2m 1.4m EMT1500/MT1200/MT1600/DM1500/DM1800
15m Skip 15m Skip 15m3 4.4m 2.4m 1.8m DM1800/DM2100
Typical Skip Bin and Dumpster Sizes - Imperial (United Kingdom, United States, Canada)
Bin NameScaleCapacityLengthWidthHeightSuitable Bin Tipper (SKU)
2-yard Skip 2-yard Skip 2 cubic yards 5ft 4ft 3ft EMT1500/MT1200/DM1200
3-yard Skip 3-yard Skip 3 cubic yards 6ft 4ft 3ft EMT1500/MT1200/DM1200
4-yard Skip 4-yard Skip 4 cubic yards 7ft 5ft 3ft EMT1500/MT1200/DM1200
5-yard Skip 5-yard Skip 5 cubic yards 7.5ft 5ft 3.5ft EMT1500/MT1200/DM1200
6-yard Skip 6-yard Skip 6 cubic yards 10ft 5ft 4ft EMT1500/MT1600/DM1500
8-yard Skip 8-yard Skip 8 cubic yards 12ft 6ft 4.5ft EMT1500/MT1600/DM1500
10-yard Skip 10-yard Skip 10 cubic yards 12ft 6ft 6ft MT1800/DM1800
12-yard Skip 12-yard Skip 12 cubic yards 13ft 6ft 6.5ft DM2100
14-yard Skip 14-yard Skip 14 cubic yards 13ft 6.5ft 6.5ft DM2100
16-yard Skip 16-yard Skip 16 cubic yards 13.5ft 6.5ft 6.5ft DM2100
18-yard Skip 18-yard Skip 18 cubic yards 13.5ft 6.5ft 7ft DM2100/DM2400
20-yard Skip 20-yard Skip 20 cubic yards 20ft 8ft 4ft EMT1500/MT1600/DM1500
30-yard Skip 30-yard Skip 30 cubic yards 20ft 8ft 6.5ft DM2100
40-yard Skip 40-yard Skip 40 cubic yards 20ft 8ft 8.5ft DM2700