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Solution for the Sallies

Solution for the Sallies

After a recent audit the Salvation Army Family Store in Hamilton NZ has installed a new Simpro bin tipper to eliminate the possibility of back strain or other injuries while emptying bins of waste.

Every week the store generates up to 20 bins of waste material from its recycling program - which until recently had to be emptied by hand. Manually emptying the bins into a skip was difficult and quite risky; staff had to climb a stack of pallets while attempting to lift the bins with them.

So staff were understandably excited when the Salvation Army purchased a Dumpmaster to take the strain out of this manual handling task. What was a ‘man’s only job’ now can be done with ease by any member of the team.

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Staff at Salvation Army Hamilton manually emptying bins of waste Staff at Salvation Army Hamilton with their new Simpro Dumpmaster