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A small thank you

A small thank you

The following brief video was shot at twenty past seven, on the morning of 1 July 1916.

In the minutes that followed, 750,000 men left the safety of their trenches. Of those, about 20,000 did not see another morning.

The Battle of the Somme doesn’t have anything to do with materials handling equipment, but we’re posting about it anyway because we have an obligation to those brave men.

They died in defense of many rights we now take for granted – including the right to buy, sell and trade peacefully with our neighbours all around the world. A global exporting business such as Simpro could not exist without that right.

So here’s a small thank you to all those remarkable people who watched that mine explosion in real time and full colour at 07:20 hours, and suppressed their fear, and walked into the machine guns. We remember.