TAWI VacuPick

Mobile vacuum-lift order picker.


The TAWI VacuPick is a new mobile vacuum-lift order picking solution, available in New Zealand exclusively from Simpro. Streamline your workflow when picking orders by attaching this innovative standalone unit to any type of pallet stacker or fork truck. Drive from pallet rack to pallet rack, effortlessly picking boxes and placing them on your pallet before you drive to the next rack.

The VacuPick is equipped with an integrated battery, control unit and vacuum lifter mounted on an articulated reach arm. The reach arm can handle loads up to 80kg and offers great range of motion, with a two-metre reach in any direction. Electrically-driven height adjustment allows the unit to easily adapt to different lifting heights and height limitations.

The VacuPick is compatible with all types of pallet stackers and fork trucks, so you can attach it to your existing warehouse equipment, or purchase with a Simpro Quikstak to suit.

When moving the VacuPick, a safety lock holds the reach arm safely in place. Push a button to start the integrated vacuum pump and support legs are automatically activated, ensuring safe and stable lifting. Starting the pump also releases the safety lock on the jib arm, so with one push of a button you’re ready to start picking your goods. Enquire now.


Features of the TAWI® VacuPick from Simpro

Options and Accessories

The TAWI VacuPick is produced as a standard, fully-integrated unit. There are two models available from Simpro, the TVP40, which is rated to lift 40kg, and the TVP80, which is rated to lift 80kg.

Should you require custom features or modifications please contact us.

Specifications and Technical Data

TAWI® VacuPick Dimensions
TAWI VacuPick Specifications
Model TVP40 TVP80
Vacuum lift capacity ("Q") 40kg 80kg
Leg configuration Width-adjustable fork tunnels
Vacuum lift reach arm radius 2005mm
Vacuum lift height range, mast lowered 100mm-1387mm
Vacuum lift height range, mast extended 600mm-1887mm
Height, mast lowered ("h1") 2182.5mm
Height, mast extended ("h4") 2682.5mm
Length ("l1") 1732mm (excludes attached pallet stacker or fork truck)
Length to face of fork tunnels ("l2") 562mm
Length of fork tunnels ("l") 1170mm
Width ("b1") 1100mm
Wheels None
Battery voltage / capacity 24VDC / 180Ah
Battery charge time ~8 hours
Battery discharge time ~3 hours (estimated, constant operation)
Service weight ~600kg

Resources and Downloads

Full full product support, user guides and spare parts please visit the Simpro Support Centre.

TAWI VacuPick Brochure