Quiktruk SS2502

Clean stainless steel pallet truck.


The Quiktruk SS2502 is a stainless steel pallet truck from Simpro with a rated capacity of 2500kg. Featuring polished 304-grade steel construction and a sealed hydraulic jack, the SS2502 is corrosion-proof and very easy to clean. It is ideal for hygiene-critical applications in industries such as food processing, dairy, beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cold logistics.

The SS2502 has a lowered fork height of 85mm which is suitable for most industrial pallets and crates. Dual nylon steered wheels and a 70kg service weight ensure the truck is easy to move and very manoeuvrable, with a full turning radius of just over 1.2 metres.

Like all Quiktruk pallet trucks, the SS2502 complies with a range of international standards including ISO 3691, and is manufactured in an ISO 9000 certified plant.


Quiktruk SS2502 features diagram

Options and Accessories

The Quiktruk SS2502 is produced to a standard design, suitable for most users with no modification.

Our experienced engineering team can design custom features if required, please contact us for support.

Specifications and Technical Data

Quiktruk SS2502 dimensions
Quiktruk SS2502 Specifications
Model (SKU)SS2502
Rated load capacity ("Q") 2500kg
Fork height, lowered ("h13") 85mm
No. wheels, body 2
Wheel dimensions, body ⌀200mm x 50mm
No. wheels, forks 4
Wheel dimensions, forks ⌀74mm x 70mm
Maximum lift height ("h3") 200mm
Lift height per stroke 16mm
Tiller height, min / max ("h14") 490mm / 1224mm
Overall length ("l1") 1533mm
Length to face of forks ("l2") 383mm
Fork length ("l") 1150mm
Fork width ("e") 160mm
Fork depth ("s") 45mm
Width overall forks ("b5") 550mm
Ground clearance, centre of wheelbase ("m2") 40mm
Aisle width for pallets 1000x1200 crossways ("Ast") 1733mm
Aisle width for pallets 800x1200 lengthways ("Ast") 1783mm
Turning radius ("Wa") 1266mm
Service weight 70kg

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