Quiktruk SP1502

1500kg powered pallet truck.

Quiktruk SP1502


The Quiktruk SP1502 is a new powered pallet truck from Simpro, packed with innovative features to suit the unique requirements of businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

The SP1502 has an exchangeable battery, which can be switched for a charged battery in seconds in the same way as an electric drill. This allows the SP1502 to be operated 24/7 – the first locally available powered pallet truck with this capability.

The SP1502 also has an ultra-reliable AC drive motor, with stepless speed control up to 4.5km/h – and enough power to drive a 1.5 tonne load up a 3.5% slope. Optionally, the power-lift feature removes the need to manually ‘pump’ the tiller to lift pallets of the ground. And if power is not available for some reason? By removing the battery and powerpack, the SP1502 transforms into a regular ‘manual’ pallet truck, with a lightweight skeleton structure and 8-stroke hydraulic jack.

This combination of versatility and smart design makes the SP1502 the ideal load-moving solution for manufacturing, dispatch and logistics operations – especially where operational continuity is critical. Like all Simpro Quiktruk products, the SP1502 complies with a range of international safety standards, and is manufactured in an ISO 9001-certified plant.


Quiktruk SP1502 features diagram

Options and Accessories

Additionally, our experienced engineering team can design custom features to suit your particular application. Please contact us for support.

Specifications and Technical Data

Quiktruk SP1502 dimensions
Quiktruk SP1502 Specifications
Model SP1502 SP1502X
Lift mechanism 8-stroke hydraulic jack 8-stroke hydraulic jack with 800W AC lift motor
Load capacity ("Q") 1500kg
Lift travel 115mm
Lift travel per stroke ~14mm
Fork height, lowered ("h13") 85mm
Fork height, raised ("h3") 200mm
No. wheels, body 1
Wheel dimensions, body ⌀230mm x 61mm
No. wheels, forks 4
Wheel dimensions, forks ⌀80mm x 70mm
Height, tiller min / max ("h14") 840mm / 1260mm
Width overall ("b5") 540mm
Length overall ("l1") 1650mm
Length to face of forks ("l2") 501mm
Load centre distance ("c") 600mm
Fork length ("l") 1150mm
Fork width ("e") 160mm
Fork depth ("s") 48mm
Aisle width for pallets 1000x1200 crossways ("Ast") 2070mm
Aisle width for pallets 800x1200 lengthways ("Ast") 2120mm
Turning radius ("Wa") 1450mm
Travel speed 4.5km/h
Battery voltage / nominal capacity 48V / 20Ah (exchangeable battery)
Battery weight 30kg
Service weight 165kg

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