QuikstakSP10 Series

Self-drive pallet stackers that lift 1 tonne to 1.6m or more.

Quikstak SP10 Series - Self-drive 1000kg pallet stackers


The Quikstak SP10 Series is a range of self-drive pallet stackers from Simpro with a one-tonne capacity and 1600mm lift height; optionally increased to 2500mm or 3000mm. Like all Quikstaks, the SP10 can be fitted with Simpro's proprietary ‘magic-eye’ sensor system, which automatically adjusts the forks to maintain an ergonomic work height as material is stacked or destacked. This technology has been developed by Simpro since 1994 and offers considerable health and safety benefits for operators.

Despite its compact size, the SP10 features a suite of new S-Series technology, including adjustable forks and straddle legs, a brushless motor, and an ergonomic new tiller with handle-mounted controls. However, what really sets the SP10 apart is a tiny 1490mm turning radius and minimum width of 1132mm - there is almost nowhere this stacker can’t go!

The Quikstak SP10 complies with a range of international quality and safety standards, and is manufactured in an ISO 9000 certified plant. It is the smallest self-drive pallet stacker available which has been specifically optimised for Australasian conditions – combining innovative design with Simpro's trusted heritage of reliability.


Quikstak SP10 features diagram

Options and Accessories

Additionally, our experienced engineering team can design custom features to suit your particular application. Please contact us for support.

Specifications and Technical Data

Quikstak SP10 dimensions
Quikstak SP10 Series Specifications
Model (SKU)SP1016
Magic-eye load height sensor Optional
Rated load capacity ("Q") 1000kg
Load centre distance ("c") 600mm
Load distance, centre of drive axle to fork ("x") 770mm
Fork height, lowered ("h13") 80mm
No. wheels, body 2 (1 drive)
Drive wheel dimensions, body ⌀195mm x 70mm
Balance wheel dimensions, body ⌀150mm x 60mm
No. wheels, outriggers 4
Wheel dimensions, outriggers ⌀98mm x 82mm
Mast height lowered ("h1") 2145mm
Maximum lift height ("h3") 1600mm (options: 2500mm, 3000mm)
Mast height extended ("h4") 2145mm
Height of tiller in drive position, min / max ("h14") 670mm / 1300mm
Overall length ("l1") 1500mm
Length to face of forks ("l2") 660mm
Overall width ("b1") 1132mm - 1532mm (adjustable)
Fork length ("l") 1150mm
Fork width ("e") 100mm
Fork depth ("s") 40mm
Width overall forks ("b5") 200mm - 800mm (adjustable)
Ground clearance, centre of wheelbase ("m2") 35mm
Aisle width for pallets 1000x1200 crossways ("Ast") 2280mm
Aisle width for pallets 800x1200 lengthways ("Ast") 2280mm
Turning radius ("Wa") 1490mm
Travel speed 6.0km/h
Lift speed, laden / unladen 0.12m/s / 0.22m/s
Lowering speed, laden / unladen 0.14m/s / 0.14m/s
Battery voltage / nominal capacity 24V / 100Ah
Battery weight 60kg
Battery dimensions (L x W x H) 329mm x 172mm x 214mm
Service weight 580kg

Resources and Downloads

Quikstak SP10 Series User Manual