Crate Genie™

The one-of-a-kind pallet jack for 48L bread crates.


The Crate Genie is a one-of-a-kind pallet jack from Simpro, designed specifically for handling 48L plastic bread crates of the type often used in the food-processing industry. With a single movement, the dual lifting arms clamp against a stack of crates and lift it 50mm clear of the ground. Once raised, the Crate Genie can be moved effortlessly.

The Crate Genie is light-weight, but rugged enough to lift stacks weighing up to 200kg, and to withstand many years of rough handling. Like all Simpro products, it is designed to be maintenance-free and exceptionally reliable.


Simpro Crate Genie™ features

Options and Accessories

Simpro produces the Crate Genie to a completely standard design. It is very versatile, and suits most use cases with no modification.

Should you require custom features, please contact us for support.

Specifications and Technical Data

Crate Genie isometric view and dimensions

Resources and Downloads

Additional documentation coming soon.