Sealable bulk ingredient capsule.


FoodCap capsules are a technically-advanced materials handling solution developed in New Zealand specifically for food-handling applications. They are now retailing exclusively from Simpro – and together with our range of compatible handling equipment, allow us to present a revolutionary materials-handling solution for the Australasian food processing industry.

Developed by FoodCap International Ltd in a research effort lasting more than ten years, the 160-litre FoodCap capsules offer considerable advantages over the stainless steel Eurobins and plastic wheelie bins widely used in food processing today. Unlike those bins, capsules can be stacked two or even three high for storage and transport, reducing the need for racking. The laminate construction is far more durable than commonly used single-layer HDPE bins and resists the ‘chafing’ which can present a contamination hazard. Each capsule comes with a sealable, tamperproof lid, which means ingredients can be safely stored, transited through dirty areas, or transported by truck.

FoodCap capsules have six wheels in an offset-rectangle formation, which is both more stable and manoeuvrable than the offset-diamond layout found on DIN9797 Eurobins. Mechanical handling is simplified thanks to lifting combs on all four sides, which are compatible with Simpro’s wide range of bin lifting, tipping, moving and stacking equipment. Simpro also provides a FoodCap handling attachment for fork trucks, and FoodCap conversion kits for existing Eurobin handling equipment.

Other FoodCap advantages include the wide range of interchangeable coloured clips and wheels for visual process control, and the optional RFID chip for electronic process control. A reinforced version manufactured from FoodCap’s Ultratuff resin is also available, which can be vacuumed and gas-flushed to extend the shelf-life of spoilable product.

And finally, FoodCap capsules have a per-unit cost about half that of a stainless steel Eurobin. Enquire now.


FoodCap features

Options and Accessories

Simpro also provides a range of lifting, tipping, stacking and weighing equipment to suit FoodCap capsules, including the Eurover bin tipper and Euroweigh scale set. FoodCap-compatible robotics and automated production line equipment is available from FoodCap International Ltd. For more information view the FoodCap Ecosystem showcase page.

Specifications and Technical Data

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