Ultra-tough ingredient handling capsule.


Developed by FoodCap International Ltd in a research effort lasting more than ten years, the new 180-litre FoodCap capsules are a big step forward from the Eurobins and wheelie bins widely used in the New Zealand food-processing industry today. FoodCap capsules are produced from a proprietary resin laminate which is far more durable than traditional HDPE plastic, and resists the ‘chafing’ which can present a contamination hazard. Each capsule is supplied with an airtight lid, which means hygiene-critical ingredients can be stored, transited through dirty areas, or even transported by vehicle. The lids also have reinforced wheel-slots which allow capsules to be stacked on top of each other for storage or transport – even when full.

For manual handling, each FoodCap has six wheels in an offset-rectangle formation, stable yet manoeverable, and a handling comb positioned at the ideal ergonomic height of 1000mm. For mechanical handling, the capsules feature a four-sided abdomenal lifting comb, which uniquely allows handling equipment such as the Simpro Eurostacker to approach from any direction. Simpro also provides a wide range of food-grade mechanical handling equipment for FoodCaps, including bin lifters, forklift attachments and conversion kits for existing DIN9797-based equipment.

FoodCaps have a unit cost a little more than half that of a regular DIN9797 Eurobin. Enquire now.

Simpro FoodCaps are designed to work with compatible handling equipment in the FoodCap® Ecosystem, such as bin lifters, stackers, wash frames and racking.


FoodCap features

Options and Accessories

Simpro also provides a range of lifting, tipping, stacking and weighing equipment to suit FoodCap capsules, including the Eurover bin tipper and Euroweigh scale set. FoodCap-compatible robotics and automated production line equipment is available from FoodCap International Ltd. For more information view the FoodCap Ecosystem showcase page.

Specifications and Technical Data

FoodCap Specifications
Model FC180 FC180UT
Volume 180 litres (nominal)
Maximum capacity 160kg
Length 560mm 570mm
Width 560mm 570mm
Height 1000mm 1020mm
Weight (including lid) 18kg 26kg
Materials Proprietary FDA-approved resin laminate (HD0499UV - FDA) Proprietary FDA-approved resin laminate (CPAWH – 57379 GFN – FDA)
Temperature rating -1.5°C >< 30°C (storage) | < 75°C (washdown) -1.5°C >< 50°C (storage) | < 85°C (washdown)
Internal pressure rating 0psi -2psi >< 2psi
Cleaning chemicals Alkaline or detergent based
Colour, body Light grey Beige
Colour, lid clips and wheels Red | Blue | Yellow | White
Wheels 6x ⌀75mm nonmarking nylon wheels in offset-rectangle formation
Handling specifications Four-way abdomenal lifting skirt rated to 500kg, combing handholds for for manual handling
Stacking specifications Two high (full) or three high (empty)
Expected lifespan >5 years (used and handled in accordance with specifications)
Applicable Standards ISO 9000, Conformité Européene (CE)

Resources and Downloads

Full full product support, user guides and spare parts please visit the Simpro Support Centre.