Colour-coded foodgrade Eurobins.

FluroBins from Simpro are robust, colour-coded polyethylene meat carts, compliant with DIN9797 and ideal for hygiene-critical food industry applications


The FluroBin Series from Simpro is a range of DIN9797-compliant wheeled meat carts, suitable for food industry applications where Eurobins have commonly been used.

Unlike traditional stainless steel Eurobins, however, Simpro FluroBins are manufactured from a robust polyethylene plastic – meaning they weigh around half as much, last longer, have better insulating properties, generate less noise and come in a range of vivid colours, ideal for colour-coded process control.

FluroBins are manufactured in Europe by leading Scandinavian plastics company Sæplast, with which Simpro signed an agency agreement in 2017. Unique Sæplast technology includes a seamless triple-layer construction, which makes the FluroBins incredibly robust – typically lasting up to ten times longer than comparable single-layer plastic bins.

Like most EuroBins, the four nylon wheels are fitted in an offset diamond formation for easy manoeuvrability. Grab handles are also provided, along with lifting trunnions suitable for standard DIN9797 lifting, tipping and handling equipment from Simpro.

In addition to the FluroBin Series, Simpro is an authorised agent for the complete range of industrial containers from Sæplast – see more products here.

Simpro FluroBins are designed to work with compatible handling equipment in the Eurobin Ecosystem, such as bin lifters, stackers, wash frames and racking.


Simpro FluroBin features

Options and Accessories

A fitted lid is available for FluroBins, with an insulated polyurethane (PU) core for high thermal retention
A fitted lid is available for FluroBins, with an insulated polyurethane (PU) core for high thermal retention.

Simpro also provides a range of handling, lifting, tipping and weighing equipment to suit FluroBins, including the Eurover bin tipper, Euroblaster wash frame and Euroweigh scale set.

Specifications and Technical Data

FluroBin Specifications
Model FB200 FB185 FB300
Capacity 200 litres 185 litres 277 litres
Length ("BL") 820mm 800mm 840mm
Width ("BW") 720mm 680mm 740mm
Height ("OH") 700mm 700mm 980mm
Weight ~22kg ~23kg ~26.5kg
Materials Seamless rotomoulded polyethylene walls, enclosing polyethylene core (triple layer: PE/PE/PE) Seamless rotomoulded polyethylene walls, enclosing thermal-insulating polyurethane core (triple layer: PE/PU/PE)
Colours Blue | White | Green | Red
Wheels 4x ⌀150mm white nylon wheels with non-marking PU tread, in offset diamond formation
Handling Specifications Two DIN9797-compliant stainless steel lifting trunnions, one PE grab-handle (options: removable extension handle)
Applicable Standards DIN9797:1988-10, Conformité Européene (CE)

Resources and Downloads

Full full product support, user guides and spare parts please visit the Simpro Support Centre.