The clean stainless steel meat cart.

The Simpro Eurobin is the classic stainless steel wheeled meat cart, with hygienic design and large capacity - ideal for the food processing industry.


Eurobins are used throughout the food processing industry for their easy-clean hygienic design, large capacity, and compatibility with equipment such as the Eurover bin tipper and Euroweigh scale set. They are known by a variety of names, including Meat Carts, Tote Bins, Mackie Bins, Roser Bins, and Dixie Bins.

A complete range of Eurobins is available from Simpro, with capacities of 120 litres, 200 litres and 300 litres. The bins are manufactured from 304-grade stainless steel and have a bead-blasted finish, making them ideal for meat processing plants, bakeries, cereal manufacturers and other hygiene-critical applications. Versions produced from 316-grade steel are also available, for use in acidic environments.

Because Simpro Eurobins comply with industry standards such as DIN9797, they can be handled by all common trunnion-lift equipment. With with four large wheels in an offset diamond formation, the bins are very stable and manoeuvrable – even on irregular surfaces, or when heavily loaded.

Simpro also provides a unique 'Dropaway Base' Eurobin, for food-processing applications where the wheels present a contamination hazard during tipping. This bin has no wheels but is seated on a wheeled base unit, which stays in place when the bin is lifted. Once tipping is complete the bin is lowered back onto the base, and can be wheeled away like any other Eurobin.

Simpro Eurobins are designed to work with compatible handling equipment in the Eurobin Ecosystem, such as bin lifters, stackers, wash frames and racking.


Simpro Eurobin features

Options and Accessories

The wheeled base of the 'Dropaway Base' Eurobin stays in place when the bin is lifted, minimising contamination hazards

Simpro's stainless fabrication capability allows us to customise the Eurobin to suit unique requirements. Additionally, Simpro provides a range of specialised handling equipment to suit DIN9797 Eurobins, including the Eurover bin tipper, Euroblaster wash frame and Euroweigh scale set.

Specifications and Technical Data

Simpro Eurobin dimensions
Eurobin Specifications
ModelEB120EB200EB300EB200D (Dropaway Base)
Capacity 120L 200L 300L 200L
Bin Length ("BL") 680mm 830mm 830mm 830mm
Bin Width ("BW") 580mm 660mm 660mm 660mm
Overall Width ("OW") 630mm 710mm 710mm 710mm
Overall Height ("OH") 630mm 690mm 930mm 690mm
Weight ~30kg ~40kg ~50kg ~43kg (including dropaway base)
Materials 304-grade stainless steel (options: 316-grade stainless steel, anti-stick Teflon™ coating)
Sides 2mm thick with folded rim and bevelled front face (options: flat front face)
Base 5mm thick, reinforced by wheel lugs and axle
Wheels 4x ⌀150mm non-marking white nylon wheels in offset diamond formation
Handling Specifications Two DIN9797-compliant lifting trunnions, one ⌀20mm manual grab-handle As per EB200, but wheels affixed to separate base unit
Applicable Standards DIN9797:1988-10, Conformité Européene (CE)

Resources and Downloads

Full full product support, user guides and spare parts please visit the Simpro Support Centre.