140L Wheelie Bin

Classic wheelie bin, less volume.

The 140-litre wheelie bin from Simpro is a classic wheelie bin, with less volume and a smaller footprint


The 140-litre wheelie bin from Simpro is similar in appearance to the classic 240-litre wheelie bin, but with less volume and a smaller footprint, designed to help achieve your waste reduction goals.

The bin is injection-moulded from a specially designed HDPE plastic which is resistant to decay, frost, heat and chemicals. It is fitted with a corrosion-resistant steel axle and solid rubber tyres to ensure a long service life in even the harshest of environments.

Recommended applications include:

Simpro 140-litre wheelie bins are designed to be emptied with the Simpro Dumpmaster and Multi-Tip bin lifters.


Features of the Simpro 140-litre Wheelie Bin

Options and Accessories

The 140-litre wheelie bin is available with a wide range of options and accessories.

Specifications and Technical Data

Dimensions of the Simpro 140-litre Wheelie Bin
140L Wheelie Bin Specifications
Volume 140 litres
Maximum load weight 56 kg
Length 550mm
Width 535mm
Height 915mm
Weight 10.4 kg
Handling specifications 1x ⌀25mm plastic grab handle, EN 840-compliant reinforced lifting comb
Materials High-density polyethylene (HDPE), cadmium-free
Colours Dark Green body with Red lid (options: any combination of Black, Nature Green, Dark Green, Grey, Red, Lime Green, Light Blue, Yellow, or custom colours)
Wheels 2x outset ⌀200mm HDPE plastic wheels, non-marking solid rubber tyres, steel axle
Applicable standards and certifications EN 840, AS4123, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Conformité Européene (CE)

Resources and Downloads

Full full product support, user guides and spare parts please visit the Simpro Support Centre.