Turn any forklift into a bin tipper.


The ForkTipper uses a cradle lip mechanism to invert bins without the operator leaving their seat

The ForkTipper is a universal attachment from Simpro which turns any forklift into a bin tipper in seconds. It can tip 240-litre wheelie bins into a variety of skips and waste containers. The ingenious cradle lip mechanism ensures bins are inverted at the correct height, without the operator having to leave their seat.

The ForkTipper is simple to use - wheel a bin onto the cradle, secure the safety chain, and do the rest from the driver's seat. It is available with either a single cradle or a double cradle, which allows tipping two wheelie bins at once.

With rugged zinc-plated steel construction, the ForkTipper is designed to withstand many years of rough handling.

A safety chain is used to secure bins in place before tipping


ForkTipper model FJA 19-105, with a double cradle for tipping two bins at once

Options and Accessories

The basic design of the ForkTipper is very versatile, and suitable for most use cases with no modification. Two models are available:

Specifications and Technical Data

ForkTipper Specifications
Model (SKU)FT1240FT2240
Length 1167mm
Width 610mm 1215mm
Height 860mm
Max Bin Weight 500kg 1000kg
Cradle Compatibility 1 x 240-litre wheelie bin 2 x 240-litre wheelie bins
Axle Rotation 180° degrees
Load Centre 1200mm
Pocket Size 160mm x 65mm
Pocket Centres 340mm
Horizontal Centre of Gravity 720mm
Vertical Centre of Gravity 90mm
Applicable Standards and Certifications ISO 3691-3:2016, AS 2359.1:2015, Conformité Européene (CE)

Resources and Downloads

ForkTipper Brochure