Hydromechanical bin wash frame.


Wheelie bins used for recycling and waste collection quickly accumulate dirt and grime, both inside and out. This not only looks unsightly, but breeds bacteria and soon becomes a public health hazard – wheelie bins need to be cleaned, often. Unfortunately, the EN840 wheelie bins used by most hotels, offices, apartment blocks, resorts and parks have no drainage plugs, so cleaning them requires property staff to manually tip the bins over, before cleaning them with a pressure washer. With an empty 1100-litre wheelie bin weighing up to 100kg, this is a difficult and hazardous task.

Not anymore. The new Simpro BinBlaster employs a deceptively simple idea to solve the wheelie bin washing problem for good: drawing hydraulic pressure from the mains water supply to lift and invert wheelie bins at an ergonomic height for easy cleaning.

The BinBlaster uses a new ‘antler’ bin-hitch which can safely lift and invert all wheelie bins, from 80L right up to 1100L, with no clamping or modification. With full stainless steel construction and no electric circuits, the BinBlaster is incredibly reliable and avoids electrocution hazards. And maybe best of all, the optional recirculation tank allows wastewater to be run through a filter back to the pressure washer, minimising water usage.

Reliable, safe, clean and eco-friendly: the BinBlaster ticks all the boxes. Contact your Simpro agent now.


Features of the BinBlaster™ from Simpro

Specifications and Technical Data

Simpro BinBlaster dimensions and isometric view
BinBlaster Specifications*
Model BB1100
Tipping height ~1014mm
Height ~1127mm (excluding bin)
Width ~1109mm (excluding bin)
Length ~1400mm
Weight ~60kg
Capacity (max bin weight) ~80kg (dependent on local water pressure)
Bin compatibility 80L, 120L, 140L, 240L, 360L, 660L, 1100L EN840 wheelie bins
Power specifications Mains water supply driving 2x ⌀80mm hydraulic rams, design dynamic water pressure 40psi, max draw at design pressure 20lpm
User interface Raise/Lower lever, two butterfly supply valve controls
Ingress protection IP66
Cradle travel speed Dependent on bin weight and local water pressure
Tipping cycle duration Dependent on bin weight and local water pressure
Sound level at operator’s ear ≤ 40dB
Materials 304 stainless steel frame, bin-hitch and lift ram, brass valves and plastic accessories
Wheels ⌀100mm Blue Resilex castors
Applicable Standards and Certifications AS/NZS4024, ISO 13849-1, IEC 62061, Conformité Européene (CE), EN 349 1993, EN ISO 4413 2010, EN ISO 12100 2010, EN ISO13849-1 2006, EN ISO 13857 2008, Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

*As the BinBlaster remains in development, specifications are subject to change at any time.

Resources and Downloads

Full full product support, user guides and spare parts please visit the Simpro Support Centre.

Simpro EN840 Waste Handling Equipment Catalogue
Simpro BinBlaster User Manual