Precision food-grade bin scale set.

Euroweigh from Simpro is a precision scale set for DIN9797 EuroBins, with quality stainless steel construction and trade-certified Mettler Toledo componentry.


Euroweigh from Simpro is a precision digital scale set for ingredient bins such as Eurobins and FoodCaps, ideal for food industry users needing an accurate bin-weighing solution.

The Euroweigh is produced from food-grade 304 stainless steel and fitted with a high-quality Mettler Toledo IND236 scaleset, offering ±0.3% accuracy up to a maximum of 300kg. The unit can weigh all standard trunnion-lift EuroBins from 120L up to 300L, and includes tare, gross, net, addition, auto-zero and other functions – all certified for trade use.

Like all Simpro products, the Euroweigh is designed to be simple to use, fast to clean, easy to move and virtually maintenance-free. It is produced in accordance with ISO9001.

The Euroweigh is designed to be used with other Simpro handling equipment in the Eurobin Ecosystem and FoodCap® Ecosystem.


Simpro Euroweigh™ features

Options and Accessories

Stainless steel 200-litre EuroBin from Simpro

The Euroweigh is produced to a standard design, suitable for most users with no modification. However, Simpro's stainless fabrication capability allows us to customise the unit if required – please contact us for support.

Simpro also offers a complete range of FoodCap capsules, stainless steel Eurobins, PE FluroBins and bin lifters to suit.

Specifications and Technical Data

Euroweigh Specifications
Instrumentation Mettler Toledo IND236, with gross, tare, net, addition, subtraction and other functions
Accuracy ±0.3%, with 10-gram intervals
Maximum bin weight 300kg
Cradle Compatibility DIN9797-compliant EuroBins and FluroBins (options: cradle to suit FoodCaps)
Overall Length 1060mm
Overall Width 1000mm
Overall Height 1600mm
Weight ~100kg
Construction 304-grade stainless steel with bead-blasted finish
Electrical specifications 1-phase mains supply (120/240VAC 50-60hz, max draw 8 Amps) or 3-phase mains supply (400VAC 50/60hz, max draw 1 Amps)
Mounting 4x stainless steel screw-levelling feet
Applicable Standards ISO9001, Conformité Européene (CE), DIN9797:1988-10, AS/NZS4024, ISO 13849-1, IEC 62061, EN 349 1993, EN 574 1996+A1:200, EN 953 1997, EN ISO 4413 2010, EN ISO 12100 2010, EN ISO13849-1 2006, EN ISO 13857 2008, EN 60204 2006+A1 2009, EN61000-6-2 2005, EN61000-6-4 2007, Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EC

Resources and Downloads

Full full product support, user guides and spare parts please visit the Simpro Support Centre.